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three) Atlantic World eighteenth-century revolutions. This content is part of Key Concept 5.3. of the AP. World History Curriculum Framework (Nationalism, Revolution, and Reform). By focusing on the historical thinking skill of Causation, the question required students to take an analytical approach and compare the.
BASIC CORE (competence). 0–7 points. (Historical skills and knowledge required to show competence.) 1. Has acceptable thesis. 1 point. • The thesis cannot be split and must be located in either the introductory paragraph or the conclusion. It cannot simply repeat the question. • The thesis must address BOTH countries,
prompt-compare and contrast the goals and outcomes in china 1911 and Russia 1917 There were many things different and similar about the 1911 Revolution in China with the 1917 Revolution in Russia.
Historical context (what, where, when). Haitian revolution & French Revolution (1789-1800's). Thesis similarity. Inspired by the enlightenment. Thesis difference. France overthrew monarchy (internal) Haiti overthrew imperialist power (external). SIMILARITIES PARAGRAPH. Evidence that supports thesis similarity.
As in the previous continuity and change over time essay, students may have the opportunity to choose different cases for comparisons from among several options. And, also as in both of the previous essays, a variety of the historical thinking skills (such as argumentation, causation, and synthesis) are evaluated along with
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2006 Compare & Contrast Annotated Rubric: Russian, Chinese, & Mexican Revolutions. Note to teachers: This Annotated Rubric is specifically designed for the College Board's. AP World History course, but could also be helpful in any world history survey course. The best source of information about how to teach essay
a slide show on the political and social similarities and differences between the French and Haitian Revolutions.
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Ap World History Compare And Contrast Essay Latin American Revolutions. AP World History Review: Comparative Questions Curtain Call Directions: Use your textbook and or your Princeton Review Book to list as many facts about the following historical comparisons. Use the attached Societal Comparison sheet as a

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